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About the Owner : Kathryn Love

In 1989 William Blitz created MedBrite with a vision of providing quality cleaning services to the medical community.

In 1990, I began working for MedBrite as a housekeeper & cleaned several offices. A few years later, William promoted me to Supervisor and I managed 50 accounts throughout New Jersey. I was responsible for client satisfaction, as well. In 1994, I assumed the role of Vice President and my responsibilities expanded to running the daily operations of MedBrite. William and I married each other in 2000 and jointly continued to operate our business, in addition to raising our five children.

Sadly, William passed away unexpectedly in 2008, which left me to continue his legacy. I am now certified as a WBE owner and continue to follow William’s beliefs of providing top quality cleaning services to all our valued clients, in accordance with OSHA guidelines. I strive to ensure that our clients receive the best possible services MedBrite can offer.